I'm 18 year old and have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis for 7 years now. I started this blog wanting to learn more about fitness and losing weight. Now, my priority is living healthy and reversing arthritis (hoping to reverse arthritis). I am still working on my fitness and losing weight which is part of my healthy living lifestyle that i desire to obtain.
I have just began learning about raw vegan and slowly very slowly trying to transition to being fully raw vegan.

UGW: 120



And if you were to combine obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, poor diet & inactivity, you’d get a massive unhealthy lifestyle death balloon that is mainly preventable by healthy diet & exercise.







there are guys in my dorm who decided to play cards in the elevator

see what intrigues me about college isn’t the intellectual pursuit or the bonding or whatever, its the fact that people have the freedom to do random shit like this

Okay, everybody, I have a story about random shit in college. When I was in college, there was a particular class I took where, no matter what time you walked into class, if you made it into the room before the professor, you wouldn’t be counted late. I mean, that’s a pretty cool policy, given how some professors are really obnoxious about attendance. 
Well, one time, a fellow student of mine was running late to class. As she reached the edge of the building, she saw her professor making it to the front steps (super long rectangular building here). He looks up from walking and he sees her. He then points to his watch, gives her a well-meaning “Look who’s late” face, and walks on inside.
What he didn’t know, though, was that this particular student was like freakishly good at bouldering and related climbing skills, so she was just like “Fuck it” and SCALED THE BUILDING!
She tapped on the window of the 4th floor classroom (the floors had like 20ft ceilings, so, she was quite a ways up there), nearly making one student piss himself. They opened the window, she rolled through, onto the floor, and slid into her seat about five seconds before the professor opened the door to the classroom. 
He did a double take, started to say “How the hell d—” when a security guard ran in, red-faced and panting, pointed at her and bellowed “STOP DOING THAT!”

oh my god
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